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Blog vocabulary

Blog is a short form of “web log”. Log means a diary or journal, usually a notebook where you write regular reports of what you did or thought. Every ship has a “captain’s log” in which the captain records details of the ship’s voyage day by day. “Web log” means a log that you keep on the (world wide) web.

Post is an individual entry in a blog.

Rant means to speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way. It can also be a noun. In blogs, a rant is a written personal complaint.

Rave means to speak or write about someone or something with great enthusiasm or admiration. It can also be a noun.

Tag: same as a keyword, helps people to search and find relevant posts

Theme: a “style” or “template” for your blog. You can choose a different theme for your blog under “Presentation” in your control panel.

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  1. alaaayman says:

    Thanks a lot for these useful words . They help me do my blog . ESL blogs are a better chance to know more friends, to learn more ,to practise English well and in a practical way and to make use of what Englishclub site presents . I wait more.
    Again and again , I hope that Englishclub site will achieve its goals.

  2. amelia says:

    thanks for your useful knowlegde, i can get everything that i need.

  3. sams says:


    Thank you four your nice writing on
    Blog vocabulary


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