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Joe's Cafe, 24/7 pit stop for ESL learners and teachers | September 2008
Egg's off, bacon's off, bread's off, tea's off. English is on though.

Welcome to the USSA

There may be some debate about the precise meaning of USSA (is it United Socialist States of America or United Soviet States of America?), but there is little doubt that the former USA is taking a leaf from the book of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, long lambasted by Washington as an authoritarian communist. In effectively nationalizing the world’s largest insurance company, AIG, the American administration can at least hide its credentials behind the old USSR joke: Under capitalism, Man exploits Man. Under communism, it is exactly the opposite.

What do YOU think USSA stands for?

Joe | Sunday, September 21st, 2008 | Filed under Curiosities

25 Responses to “Welcome to the USSA”

  1. ESLTime says:

    Excellent Post, I will be back for more thoroughly enjoyed it.


  2. hanane says:

    Hello DearSir,
    United Southern States of America at the period of civil war???
    United States Snowmobile Association,
    United States Sports Academy ,
    United States Students Association,
    United States Sports Academy,
    United Suffolk Sheep Association
    or all of them

  3. Richard McDonald says:

    A thoroughly ridiculous post in a website that is supposed to promote harmony amongst EFL students and teachers, not to mention nations. Someone has way too much time on his hands to post such trite.

  4. Shpresa Delija says:

    USSA stands for United sencories of societies in Amerika.

  5. mabroka sahli says:

    unittes of americaed soviet sta

  6. Alexander Ruiz says:

    I trust this nationalization will be a short-term one, and so that precious country won’t change her name from USA to USSA. That would be so nasty to see the USA turning into a Chavez-style banana communist republic. And the joke is wonderful- definitely communist guys are negative IQ scored!

  7. joanna says:

    Is a good joke about about communist and capitalist :)

    But what is ‘trite” mean please? Richadr MCDonalds (up) says “Someone has way too much time on his hands to post such trite.” In my dictionery it says trite is adjective so i think a word is missed from this sentence. Please, can someone explain?

  8. semsemenglish says:

    i think it is United Socialist States of America

  9. Ian Player says:

    To Joanna: I think Richard McDonald may mean “tripe”, one meaning of which is “nonsense”. You are right - “trite” is an adjective meaning, “overused, unoriginal”. As an adjective it cannot stand alone, so Mr McDonald’s sentence as written makes no sense.

  10. Richard McDonald says:

    “To Joanna: I think Richard McDonald may mean “tripe”, one meaning of which is “nonsense”. You are right - “trite” is an adjective meaning, “overused, unoriginal”. As an adjective it cannot stand alone, so Mr McDonald’s sentence as written makes no sense.”

    It is amusing how ESL teachers pretend to not be able to infer the meaning of a sentence unless it is written to textbook perfection. In this case, I could have added trite “materal”, but it would not have altered the meaning because “material” would have been understood. At least it would have been understood by people who are not fixated on their grammar pontifications. Has anybody ever heard of colloquial English? Get over it.

  11. joanna says:

    Thanks you Richard MCDonald for your good explaination. So if i ‘m talking coloquiall English about car I can say ‘I like fast” or, about people “I like clever”. Thanks you for your helpful. i didnot know it. iam sorry, my english is not so good like yours

  12. Richard McDonald says:

    From now on, the first thing I will do each morning is jump out of bed and analyze each Internet forum post. I will be looking for those ubiquitous spilt infinitives and equally pervasive dangling modifiers. Oh dear! I have just revealed my OCD and anally-retentive personality traits. I had wanted to keep those a secret.

  13. Pablo says:

    Mr.George Bush & Co. (apart from sending young americans to die in HIS war), spent billions of dollars in HIS war and has made the world’s economy collapse, leading us, southamericans, who trusted and saved during all our working life in the US dollar, to live our last years in a very difficult economical situation.
    Best regards, Mr. Bush, have a nice time at your ranch and enjoy the fresh air! Let us pray for a new world without Fidel Castros, Chavezes, Bushes, Hitlers, etc.

  14. Fathid says:

    nowadays we can say Unsafe States to Serve Americans

  15. Shap says:

    I think it is United Southern States of America

  16. Azza Mostafa says:

    Yes Pablo I agree with you
    Because the world could not prevent Bush from killing the childeren in Iraq & Afghanestan ,it must pay the bill

  17. Lubna says:

    its a united soviet states of america

  18. Samuel Skinner says:

    Yes comrades, soon the US will experience socialized medicine and plunging child mortality rates, wealth distribution and a revitalization of the middle class and regulation and a drop in pollution. All thanks to the miracle that is socialism. Let the good times roll in the good old USSA!

    Seriously, if we hadn’t nationalized half the banking sector, the economy would have bottomed out. And the reason is because we completely deregulated the banking system!

  19. Independência ou Morte says:

    Sure, Sammie. “Let the good times roll in the good old USSA.”

    The only thing more dangerous than concentrating power (greed) in the hands of capitalists is concentrating power (greed) in the hands of bureaucrats. At least capitalists have competition.

    It should be no surprised that Buffet, Gates, Soros, Pickens, Gore, and all other filthy-rich Demoristocrats are fighting for position in the new USSA. They will write the rules that protect their riches–your taxes, their riches.

    Real “good times” indeed!

  20. alsayed fawzy says:

    Firstly,I would like to thank All those who participated in English club for we benefited from its efforts. As for my cooment I don’t like the two abbreviation ‘but if iam in Hobson’s choice I will chose the first abbreviation ,because the second reminds us with the last Soviet Union

  21. shalva says:

    USSA is not a short name of United States of America,
    it may be United States Ski and Snowboard Association or United States Sports Academy
    or United States Student Association
    or US Sailing Association.
    As I heard there is a book by name “United Socialist States of America “, but I don’t have seen it.

  22. freedom waiter says:

    ussa is united of scientist states of amerika,honor of every american because as mccain said: “being an american is honour”.but I am not american

  23. Nelagston says:

    Dear Sir,
    As i see that ussa means United states of american students.Or as you described united socialist states of america.

  24. Unique Las Vegas Travel says:

    Very good article. Normally I wouldn’t comment but this post deserves it.

  25. Linda k hollywood says:

    I think the USSA Abbreviation verb stand for:
    United states student Association.
    United states ski Association.
    United states Socialist states of America.
    Union of soviet socialist Americas.
    United states steel band Associated.
    We found only 5 result.
    And one more USSA is meaning (JOKE)
    Usually Saying Something Absurd. (Ha…Ha..)

    Good Bye
    Linda k 4938 (Hollywood)

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