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Joe's Cafe, 24/7 pit stop for ESL learners and teachers | November 2008
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Obama Address

USA President-elect Barack Obama has made good use of the Internet and it was probably largely thanks to the Internet that he won the US presidential election. Here is his first weekly address, placed on Change.gov and playing through YouTube.

This is a good listening exercise. Notice that (when the video is playing) you can turn subtitles on or off through the arrow button, bottom right.

Joe | Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 | Filed under Listening

27 Responses to “Obama Address”

  1. trantrungkien says:

    Mr Bush the former President of American, I don’t like him so much, because he in my father’s opinion, is a aggrasive man. And I waited for the change for a long time. Now It occured, the new one replace him, his name is Barrac Obama. He is a black man, his father is Keynia, and he lived with the second father in Indonesia. In his childhood , he was poor and lived in the poverty, said the Obama. But he is a intelligent man, and always wants to be a leader in any game with his friends. And one of saying of his when he was a child that: I wants to be a president. At present It becomes true. He is new president of American. In front of fans and supporters of him, he spoke : It’s only my victory, but also yours. He said, It was you, who claim that the Democracy is still exist and didn’t disappeare in the world. But he also said the America face some challenges about Economy and dispute which more and more complexly between Afganistan and Israel

  2. sayed says:

    Mr.Bush , go to hell.Big liar.arrogant..pushed by his masters( the Jews)to do every bad action for the sake of Israel.I don’t say because I am muslim but because this the truth that everyone knows even Bush himself knows that he is misled by the Jews but cant uttered a word. As for Muslims…I say ..don’t expect (good) from Obama.. because all the Americans are toys in the hands of the Jews….. and believe me the American empire will collapse soon…it’s a matter of time not more…and remember me !!!!!

  3. Florma says:

    My purpose is to learn English, then my opinion about Mr. Obama is his pronunciation is excellent for me, it is clear. I am agree with you when you write: “Is a good listening excercise”. I am happy with this page. Thanks.

  4. Abdikarim Roble says:

    When I take May opinion, both of them are not right people (Mr. Bush & Mr. Obama), according problem economy forward to America. And president Obama he couldn’t solve it; that economic cresses caused Republican part…. and we will wait for the coming 5 years when the Republican part will success to lead in America. And I believe that the only part to solving economic cresses to built it their political issue. And only problem American people will thing it

    Thanks for your testing, and be sorry if you feel some problem in grammatically

    thanks for your testing

  5. sk says:

    That’s it. I’ve been looking for a video with subtitles for a long time.It’s very clear and helpful really. Your materials are very refined, original and creative. Congratulations, Thank you indeed. whatever I need, EClub meet them.
    Now, as my opinion, there is a natural balance of the world which is top over the people who is this.Their importance is not important because of the system is important.

  6. matin says:

    My purpose is learning english so Mr.obama speaks very clear and I can undrestand.
    thanks alot

  7. Ibrahim says:

    I think Mr.Obama has good pronunciation and has excellent outside sound letteres .So, I think this video is write chooses for any one need listening exercise

  8. e2e4 says:

    What I need is to listen to more subtitled clips.

  9. Silvia says:

    All of them mean an opportunity to understand english people’s speaking, but the one which contains the music and the lyrics many times repeating them makes it easy for beginers like me.
    And the others from Presiden Obama and Mr.Bush have an extra point besides listening practice it gives you culture and meke you think about human’s right, problems and which people you can admire and imitate.
    You can grow your listening skils step by step, from the symple to highest with effort.

  10. Silvia says:

    I notice that I need a lot of practice in writing too becasue my mistakes!
    This listening practice skils will be able to have for children, specially when they are on vacation, of course by taking in mind their age, interests.
    Would you put a listening exercise about president Obama’s children?
    How do they focus the life nowdays?

  11. Azeem Hassan says:

    Good Selection for listening excercis,and a good overview of the Obama’s Vision.

  12. nawas says:

    very useful practices. need more clips. tanks

  13. hong.t.nhan says:

    I hate the smell of political whiff within this languague lesson sphere. Sorry, it’s a way that helps learners’ word memory retentive.
    Gdangit! Barack Obama is such an eloquent speakers. No wonder he was elected president.
    Learners! jump start your English competency via using authentic resources like this.
    Stop posting anti-american, anti-islamic, anti-semitic comments please! a voice from Vietnam. We had a long civil war, many still feel that. Now we are recociling. First by not showing inimical attitudes toward each other in terms of language.

  14. Helen says:

    i am from russia,but i like Mr.Obama very much

  15. asmaa says:

    i think he is a good man

  16. elda says:

    President- elect Barack Obama has good ideas for developing these during his govermente time, but If the Republican Party does not want to help him with his program govern, it will be very difficult for him.

  17. urdu stories says:

    No difference Muslims found in both president’s policies. but the one thing Mr. Obama is better for improving our listening skill.

  18. sherry says:

    I agree with you urdu, I’ve tried to listen to every word but it seems that i need some more time to improve my listening skills to be excellant.

  19. mojahid says:

    great speach from great man..we’ve been waiating for man like this..at least to give us a hope to do and say yes we can

  20. hannia says:

    I think it is an good exercise with excellent pronunciation and it is a help resource the subtitles by get the better way to listening english.

  21. m.fasloon says:

    it is good exercise good pronunciation i listen mr woyes

  22. Asome says:

    Thanks a lot of the brilliant idea of speech interaction.

    We all appreciate about the Pres.Obama initiative to change the paradigm of former rules. I see the optimist of Obama dream. It reflects the positive view to strengthen of each obstacles future that automatically faced every country. and according to his speech can be also assumed that It tendencies to prior the honor of every religion. I like that, so we just wait for a real action that acted by Pres.Obama…

    We all just want to know and feel for real actions President..as a super power country.
    We support for you positive view as well.

  23. hana says:

    It is a good exercise, and it is too clear

  24. GiangVuong says:

    First of all, we usually see him on the television as a big president and he is a first black skin who become a president of American. All people are expecting from him who can change many things on the world.Especially he will have many policies in economic which can help many poor countries in Africa and devolopment contries in Sounth East of Asia.
    But in my opinion, i think Mr Obama is a wonderfull farther because he has 2 daughter and one happy family. It is the most important in a present life. When he has a happy family, he can do everythings he wants. It is one i want to say when i hear his speech on TV.Thank everybody about all.

  25. safae says:

    i share the same opinion with u really he has a good pronunciation but i think that he is try to send that political letter to the world not only for american pepole. to summarize THE Video was so exciting so good luck for usa

  26. aminou says:

    hello ,i don’t inderstand what it said ,please ,you can write me the talk of the president,thank you a lots

  27. safia dirie says:

    i realized that most of Obama lectures are quiet similar in terms of issues that he used to tackle so I consider him a big liar

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