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Joe's Cafe, 24/7 pit stop for ESL learners and teachers | May 2008
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Why is it always the last place you look…

Why is it always the last place you look that you find the thing you’re looking for? Does that happen to you too? You know, you lose something–like your keys or your nail-clippers. You look for them everywhere. You look in the bath room. You look in your pockets. You look under your bed. You look in the living-room. You open all your drawers, and cupboards, and wardrobes. You go outside and check in the car. Under the seats. In the boot. In the glove compartment. You look in the kitchen, under the sink, inside the fridge, behind the microwave. You retrace your steps out in the street. You look in the garden. You empty the dustbin. You go back inside and look down the side of the sofa. And there they are! You’ve found them! In the last place you looked. But why is it always the last place? Why can’t it be the first place, at least now and then? Don’t bother answering. I’m sure there really isn’t any answer.

Joe | Sunday, May 18th, 2008 | Filed under Rants

25 Responses to “Why is it always the last place you look…”

  1. Redlesnave says:

    Because once you have found it you stop looking for it, that’s why. Even if the place where you found it was the first you looked, it would still be the last as well. If this really bothers you so much, I would suggest that -after you have found the missing object- you keep on looking for it in, say, some three or four other places. THEN the place where you actually found it would not be the last. Granted, you may not carry on with your search with as much zest as you originally had, but who knows what other treasures you may find in those supernumerary hideaways.

  2. bashir says:

    Aha this is what each and every one of us experiences many times in his daily routines, but this mostly happens when we are morrally congested, tired,or some how confused, we try to force things, but things come by them selves, the best thing to do in that situation is to relax, just relax!
    see ya!

  3. Joe says:

    Redlesnave: I think you may have stumbled upon a universal truth! Thank you for enlightening me :)

  4. Joe says:

    Bashir: thanks for your suggestion, and I feel better now that I know it happens to you too. Next time I’ll just take it easy :)

  5. Cheyenne says:

    When you’re looking for something, that means you really need it and wanna find it soon. So you try to seek quickly while your head is muddling, you can’t easily remember where it was, that’s the reason why you don’t see it at the first place. Therefore, you start losing your head and totally forget where you put it. You continue looking for it like crazy… and then you’re tired, you want to rest, this time your brain is comfortable enough to remind you where it’s placed. Like an impulsive act, you come to the place that you can see it !!!

  6. Nellis says:

    when some one lost a thing they used to think back to all activity they have done so they try to remember where they were started
    doing from the kitchen or the place somewhere at home like tracing the way to find it until they come to the last place and founded, well it take along time and needed a patience, any way an interesting story that could happen to any one

  7. Mary Matlaa says:

    Respond about the question ”Why is it always the last place to look?”
    Iamoposer side of this question because it is not always the last place to look also it can be the first place to look and tis depend on peoles rememberence,others can ‘t easly remember quickly the last place he /she where or the last use of the thing which he lose.if he /she could remember the last place he/she where it could be ”the first place you look” Therefore becouse of this reason we can not say ”it is always the last place you look”. Another reason is:- The first place yuo look can also be the last one becouse you stop looking for it when you got some thing you lost.

  8. Mariana says:

    It always happens to me to loose things.They say it is normal for teachers. He he…Once I was looking for my sunglasses , I looked everywhere and finally I found them on my head.And well I am not supersticious but one method sometimes helps me.When I loose smth I find an empty glass and turn it upsidedown after that ritual I really find the thing I look for. Try! Maybe it will help you too .

  9. hassan says:

    Hello! really this happen because the hyperconfusion we face as a result of our hesitancy and the hastiness to know rapidly.

  10. Marielos says:

    Hi! I`ve been facing this situation for years.
    What I usually do, according to my experience in this field, is to ignore it. I mean, if I can`t find something I try to solve my problem asking the following questions to myself: 1. Can I have a replacement? or something similar because I`m sure I`ll find it later? 2. If it`s not replaceable, I just relax and think: This won`t let me down,…It can`t affect my positive attitute about the rest of the day.

  11. wilson says:

    I agree with Marielos. The most importante thing to do is not forget you have the rest the day to live. So the thing is just relax and think about good moments because this attitude will developed your ability to be calm in stressed situations. May be you can not find what you looking for but i sure that you will have a better day.

  12. hanane says:

    Hello dear SIR,
    as far as i’am concerned, i am no an exception because when i lost something, i do always have a deep feeling that i am going to find it but not for the first time or at the right place. simply, i start looking at the places where i used to put it or hide it and unconsciously i start tracing back the last time i make use of it till i find it. what do you think SIR

  13. e2e says:

    So the question is what would be the way to make the search time shorter!
    If the thing has lost where it could go?
    Does the thing, which is being looked for, match preposition on? If so the place what matches the preposition the best should be searched on first.
    If not the next step would be to find out to which preposition the thing matches. If it was small it could match to the holes and preposition in. It might go into a hole. If rounded it could match to preposition under.
    If the thing is big, it can’t be inside a small hole or at a small space. If it’s rounded it could finish its rolling under something. If the thing isn’t rounded it probably stays on the something (ground, bed, chair, also in the car but on the sit, the floor etc.)
    If the thing has been made from rubber it can’t stay beside the something but got bounced.
    When Mariana, mentioned up there in a previous reply, had lost her sunglasses, she had remembered that sunglasses match preposition onto and she had easily found her sunglasses onto her head.
    Knowing the proper preposition the thing could be found easier for sure.
    But not being familiar with all prepositions of place and the rest of the grammar means to being troubled as I am.

  14. caizhengya says:

    I think why cannot find it is your heart which isn’t calm. If you can sit down and recollect the thing , I say you can recollect from when you even remember to now. I think this is better than you , don’t use your brain , find something .

  15. Joe says:

    Excellent idea, e2e!

  16. e2e says:


  17. bashir says:

    It is amazing and sometimes dynamic or i can say ironic because it happens all to time to every one of us, so personal stress is the principle of this matter, so it is where it is and that is the last place, but you don’t assume that its in there. Be cool and think as it around in a quite manner.

  18. adeux says:

    Ok, all of those answers are good, but that happens in a lot of others situations, for example: you are looking for a wrench inside your toolbox and always it is the last you find, or you are looking for a music’s cd among others and always happens the same. I read sometime that’s is one of the Murphy’s laws: Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way. This is about an impersonal and unavoidable law. Don’t you think?

  19. salem says:

    According to the above, I think to look for some thing or even some one to find it in/at the last place, it means that one has not the correct vision, sight, telepathy; the person is naturally in hurry that makes him not to review or even look back for things that he experienced before; the man wants all things to happen very fast to catch them easily. However, when he wants to look for what he wants to get, it always is found in the last place, because life is type of variables that must be obtained by degrees, step by step and any deviation, means to search for yours in the last place, situation, time…etc.

  20. Md A. Husain says:

    Whenever we feel that we are looking loseing artical , we should take some rest and recall our memeory because our mind can’t work under force so we have to give some gape between our thought and we will see that we can find the lose thing at first place.

  21. Brendan Sanders says:

    See I was at home, and my friend was over. I had asked him if he had a piece of paper from our class I could borrow since I had forgotten mine at my fathers. Now he states that I “lost it” - would that imply that I don’t know where the piece of paper is? Since I stated to him that I “Forgot it, or misplaced it” - would that then imply that I know where the piece of paper is I just don’t have it with my at the moment.

  22. Brendan Sanders says:

    Brendan Sanders says:
    30th June 2009 at 4:28 am

    See I was at home, and my friend was over. I had asked him if he had a piece of paper from our class I could borrow since I had forgotten mine at my fathers. Now he states that I “lost it” - would that imply that I don’t know where the piece of paper is? Since I stated to him that I “Forgot it, or misplaced it” - would that then imply that I know where the piece of paper is I just don’t have it with my at the moment.

    *me* at the moment.

  23. said says:


  24. Tom Arthur says:

    What an idiotic postulate “…And there they are! You’ve found them! In the last place you looked. But why is it always the last place? Why can’t it be the first place, at least now and then?”

    Unless a person is a moron, all things are found in the last place you look, because once you find the item, you stop looking.

    The last place you look may also be the first place you look. In that event, the first shall be last and the last shall be first… hmmm where have I heard that? This is true unless you are dumb enough to keep looking once you have found it.

  25. littlenignig says:

    well of course its in the last place you look! why would you keep looking after you’ve found it? you don’t say “o i found my keys, but you know what i’m gunna keep looking anyways”

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