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Joe's Cafe, 24/7 pit stop for ESL learners and teachers | June 2008
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Why are there more questions than answers?

Fair enough, you ask the same question to 5 different lawyers and you get 6 different answers. But everyone knows about lawyers. Most of the time there just aren’t enough answers to go round. I mean, how come there are more questions than answers in the world? Or, put another way, fewer answers than questions. Either way it’s not right. I mean, you ask a question and you expect an answer. Question. Answer. They go together. What’s the point of having questions with no answers? Whoever thought of that?

Joe | Thursday, June 12th, 2008 | Filed under Rants

9 Responses to “Why are there more questions than answers?”

  1. cmom says:

    Some questions, like this, are so stupid (candid) that deserve no answer. Includind this one (that will be erased automaticaly in 5 seconds).


  2. hanane says:

    Hullo Dear SIR,
    there are more questions than answers because there are no more answers to all these questions.

  3. AMA says:

    might be come from blank !!

  4. bashir says:

    Absoluteley correct, in my experience i can say some questions never deserve answers, Unfortunately there are more questions than answers, plz don’t ask why!.

  5. Corsi says:

    More questions than answers?
    Are you sure?
    How many questions for one answer?
    Who asks?
    Children usually asks?

    I don’t agree that there are so many quastions in the world.

  6. Linda k (hollywood) says:

    Hi everyone
    There are more question about this ability
    than answer-the largest question being whether or
    not it truly exists.

    Good Night
    Linda K (hollywood)

  7. Nucha says:

    Why are there more questions than answers?

    Often and often people ask some questions without expecting to get answers such as :

    -put question for warning something ,requestion,maybe it just be a question ,but don’t want to get any answer . Or
    put qeustion then don’t get the answer ,so must put new questions again and again …ect…

    These reasons are not enough for the “why” ,but enough to get it “why” !

    Good luck!

  8. Ian says:

    Are you sure there are more questions than answers? I think there may be more answers than questions because we are not smart enough to know what questions to ask.

  9. mzigh says:

    Hi everyone
    I think the reason that ignorance of valuable rights.

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