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Joe's Cafe, 24/7 pit stop for ESL learners and teachers | June 2009
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China Day 3: An Oriental Gondola

Shanghai is known as the “Paris of the Orient”, and about one hour to its west is Suzhou, the “Venice of the Orient”. Although China has several other towns crossed, like Venice, by streams and canals, the most famous such “water town” today is certainly Suzhou. Although it has existed much in this form since before 1100 AD, it was only late in the last century that it became a tourist draw. And so it was one of our destinations on our third day; and we took a gondola along one of its canals, through the arches of ancient stone bridges.

All aboard

Late in the 13th century, Marco Polo visited Suzhou and called it a “great and noble” city of sages and physicians. At that time, Suzhou was also a leading producer of silk. Quite a few of its wealthy residents built themselves beautiful gardens, some of which survive to this day.

Gondola and bridge

the Orient (noun): eastern Asia (literary and poetic usage)
draw (noun): attraction
gondola (noun): flat-bottomed boat in Venice
sage (noun): very wise man

Joe | Sunday, June 21st, 2009 | Filed under Travel

8 Responses to “China Day 3: An Oriental Gondola”

  1. Tara Benwell says:

    This is such a fun way to get a virtual tour of China! Thanks for sharing your stories and photos with us.

  2. callen says:

    Hi, Joe,
    I can’t believe you are in Suzhou Now,i live in Suzhou ,I’d really want to have a chance to meet you!

  3. Nucha says:

    I agree with Tara ,precious time to tour as things, good experiences and memories. Well, thanks for sharing interesting story in China here .

    PS.Second picture sounded like not clear ! What is this on the wall bridge? Two people or ect..

  4. Joe says:

    Nucha: what do you mean the second picture is “not clear”? That’s a highly artistic impressionist image :-)

  5. Linda k hollywood says:

    Hi Joe! Nucha said the second picture is not
    clear. I know what is meaning because you take
    the picture is not brighten.
    The Gondala which was once the most common
    Rowing boat in Venice oriental in China is now
    can used mainly for romantic sightseeing falling in love. Very impression Image.

    Good night
    Linda K (Hollywood USA)

  6. Nucha says:

    KH.Joe: Yes, I thought before it’s a highly artistic impressionist image ,but I want to know what kind of image is it? people or ect..

    And also I am not sure that can put the picture or not , if not , I am sorry ! Because just want to show you the thing is I want to know!


  7. Linda k hollywood says:

    Hi Nucha: I know you said the second picture boat in Venice is not clear.I saw the second picture is somber because when somebody take the picture is not brightness.
    And Joe said That’ highly artistic impressionist
    in image is meaning the second picture.But he
    don’t know is not clear what is meaning.
    Anyway absolutely gorgeous with picture or Image.

    Have a nice day!
    Linda k (Hollywood USA)

  8. hazpriady says:

    hei all..
    the picture so artistic,,,
    but they are want to know situation on china when at the gondola…

    have nice day
    hazpriady(indonesia,Banda Aceh)

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