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Joe's Cafe, 24/7 pit stop for ESL learners and teachers | May 2012
Egg's off, bacon's off, bread's off, tea's off. English is on though.

One down, two to go

One down, two to go — Sarkozy, the first of the three war criminals is down and out

Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa, soon-to-be former President Sarkozy of France, is the first of the three principal war criminals responsible for launching a massive NATO bombing campaign on Libya in 2011 that maimed and killed thousands of civilians to be kicked out of office by his own electorate - and beyond presidential immunity.

Next stop: Two down, one to go

Lawyers to sue Sarkozy for war crimes (audio in French, English, Arabic):

war criminal (noun): one who carries out or orders an action that violates accepted international rules of war
maim (verb): injure or wound, leaving part of the body permanently damaged
kick out (verb): force to leave
electorate (noun): all the people who can vote in an election
immunity (noun): if you have official immunity you are exempt from legal proceedings

Joe | Sunday, May 6th, 2012 | Filed under Vocabulary

8 Responses to “One down, two to go”

  1. mahdi says:

    I believe that two others kick out, too.
    But every one that comes up ( will be change ) do some wars like other.
    bush like carter,obama like bush,????? like obama , etc.

  2. Dr. Kamal Arkan says:

    I hope the world stands firmly against all the other war criminals and hang them as a lesson for the coming new rulers.

  3. Ken Dai says:

    talking about the political issues, from my perspective, i do hope the future can become much quieter and more peaceful than ever before. Based on the whole situation from the passing years, people around the developing countries suffered variety of painfully hurt causing by those powerful countries. Whatever the original intention is for launching such inhumanity, immorality military move, those behavior just disappoint the citizens all around the world.

  4. raj says:

    world would have been quite better place .if usa would not have been in world. they change the world.

  5. Mohamed Rhmani says:

    I think there is not large change will be if rulers change or remain because great countries have political and plans and the rulers should walk in them

  6. Tigran says:

    People should stop wars !

  7. simon johnson says:

    Hitler ordered the imprisonment of people from many countries indefinatle and without trial.

    obama wants to imprison people from any country who he feels could be a threat to America, without trial and until he feels that they are nolonger a threat.

    if it was a war crime for Hitler then I say it is a war crime for obama.

    by the way he is still holding people without trial and indefinately.

  8. John says:

    I actually thought this was a web-page for the English-Club, not some repository for airing personal thoughts about political matters. Of course individuals can say what they want but surely there are places, such to go to have your rant about people you don’t like.

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